Automation Hero September 2020: Simon Welander

Simon Welander, Team Leader of Operations Planning at Blinkfyrar, has streamlined their ordering processes using EazyStock. With the help of inventory optimisation software, he has freed-up time to work on other important areas of the business. That’s why he’s EazyStock’s Automation Hero in September!

Name: Simon Welander
Title: Team Leader of Operations Planning
Company: Blinkfyrar

Congratulations on winning the award, Simon! Can you please tell us a little about yourself, where you work and what your role is?

Thanks so much! I currently work as a Team Leader of Operations Planning at Blinkfyrar.

This means that I ensure our operations are flowing as they should, and that we have the relevant materials to meet our production targets. In summary, I make sure we have the right items in our inventory.

What “red flags” made you realise that you needed to invest in an automation solution?

The investment in EazyStock was made before I started working within purchasing. However, the actual implementation of the software took place right when I started, so I have been involved from the start, which has been very useful for me.

Even though I was not involved in deciding on the investment itself, I have some insight into what our ordering process looked like before we had EazyStock, 4-5 years ago. Before EazyStock, our ordering process was very time consuming and lengthy, and it also felt generally outdated. We also had poor control of our inventory. This meant that we were looking for a tool that could facilitate the purchasing process and simultaneously help us to have a better overview of our stock.

How has your work changed since you implemented EazyStock?

EazyStock was a big advantage from the start because it gave me a greater understanding of how our products move and what ordering patterns they have.

Before I started in our purchasing department, I worked in Blinkfyrar’s warehouse. This meant I knew the products we stocked, but it wasn’t until I got a visual picture of the movement patterns of the items with EazyStock that I gained a deeper understanding. Some examples of challenges we have faced at Blinkfyrar are how to handle parameters such as safety stock and order points during product portfolio expansion – EazyStock has solved these for us.

How has automation with EazyStock helped Blinkfyrar?

Above all, EazyStock has reduced the time spent on the ordering process itself. With the help of the software, we have been able to streamline this process and thus free-up time that we can now spend on other things that are just as important to our daily roles.

Additionally, we have the opportunity to make different types of forecasts, something we can not do in our ERP (Microsoft Dynamics NAV). This has made it easier for ourselves, but also for our suppliers.

What other tools do you use for automation?

In addition to EazyStock, we have also automated certain parts of our ERP (Microsoft Dynamics NAV). Otherwise, we do not currently use any automation tools.

What do you think about the future of automation?

I believe that automation will continue to develop at a rapid pace and that in the near future we will have access to programmes and solutions that are even smarter and more efficient than today. Just think of how fast development has occurred over the last 10-15 years; during this time things like smartphones, tablets, smart watches, etc. have all been launched. I believe that development will continue at the same rapid pace, or perhaps even faster, and that we will have access to even smarter solutions and technology in the not too distant future.

Thank you Simon and congratulations again!

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