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Dehaco Saves Time and Money with EazyStock

With EazyStock we now have full insight and much better control. Purchase proposals are generated automatically based on parameters which are always up to date.
– Albert Zuiderduin, Purchasing Manager at Dehaco

Dehaco is a complete supplier for the demolition, recycling and sanitation industries and a market leader in the demolition and asbestos removal sector with a strong presence in the Netherlands and across Europe.


✓ The challenge: Limitations with Dynamics NAV

As a fast growing distribution company, Dehaco was faced with the limitations of their ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV when it came to inventory management.

Dehaco needed more precise demand forecasts than the static parameters in Dynamics NAV. This is why they decided to implement EazyStock.

✓ The solution: Full insight and better control

Dehaco linked EazyStock with their Dynamics NAV to get insights into current demand patterns of each article.

This insight allows Dehaco to adjust reorder levels to meet the expected sales.

✓ The result: Time savings and less inventory

Dehaco has now used EazyStock for a year and they have seen some really positive results. The integration with Dynamics NAV works like a charm and the implementation went smoothly.

With EazyStock, inventory is reduced and optimized.
Capital that has been tied up in excess stock can then be used for growing the company; for example a fast-growing company like Dehaco can continue an international expansion with healthy stock levels.Check out the full case study!