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EazyStock and manufacturing

Abena Healthcare maintains high service levels in rapidly changing market

Abena manufactures and supplies healthcare products to customers in over 80 countries worldwide. With the global healthcare marketplace being such...

Wholesale Distribution

Jönköping County, a healthcare region in Sweden, lowers inventory and increases service levels with EazyStock

Jönköping County is one of 21 regions in Sweden that is responsible for the country’s healthcare, growth and development. The...

Wholesale Distribution

Stafa Group: Freeing-up time for strategic supply chain thinking

✓ The challenge: Having experienced a period of growth, Stafa Group’s existing ERP system could no longer effectively manage the...

EazyStock and manufacturing

Blinkfyrar “on route” to hitting new highs with the help of EazyStock

Blinkfyrar supplies road safety and traffic management equipment to private businesses and contractors as well as to the government and...

EazyStock and manufacturing

SCM Turbomotive Automates Purchasing to Improve Stock Turn & Customer Service

SCM Turbomotive, a leading supplier of new and re-manufactured  turbochargers and DPF cleaning solutions, has reduced their levels of new stock...

EazyStock and manufacturing

Central States Industrial (CSI) Finds New Inventory Optimization with EazyStock

Central States Industrial (CSI) provides components and systems for hygienic processes used across multiple industries ✓ The challenge: Finding a...

EazyStock and manufacturing

Design Ready Controls Looks Ahead with Inventory Optimization

Design Ready Controls is a manufacturer of electrical control panels with customers across an array of industries. ✓ The challenge:...

Wholesale Distribution

Dehaco Saves Time and Money with EazyStock

Dehaco is a complete supplier for the demolition, recycling and sanitation industries and a market leader in the demolition and asbestos...

Retail Inventory Optimization

Araco Reports Great ROI on EazyStock

Araco International is a fast-growing wholesaler of promotional gifts. Araco has multiple branches across Europe, allowing Araco to offer flexibility...

Wholesale Distribution

Ergofast Increases Service Levels by 12%

Ergofast, based in Sweden, is a leading provider of fasteners to the construction industry in the Nordics. ✓ The challenge:...

EazyStock and manufacturing

A whole new view of inventory for GSAB

GSAB is the Nordic region’s leading supplier to the glassmaking and construction industry. ✓ The challenge: Complex manual processes For GSAB,...