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Design Ready Controls Looks Ahead with Inventory Optimization

EazyStock has made my life a lot easier. Instead of manually having to calculate all these order points, it’s doing the calculations for me in the background.
– Andrew Forsberg, Materials Manager at Design Ready Controls

Design Ready Controls is a manufacturer of electrical control panels with customers across an array of industries.


✓ The challenge: Constantly chasing down parts for orders

Design Ready Controls was falling behind in their deliveries due to the fact that they didn’t have quick and accurate way to calculate the demand for each of their 10,000+ parts. These parts would be needed to build orders, but with such a large number of SKUs and so many variations in demand, it was becoming impossible for Design Ready Controls to ensure they had everything they needed when they needed it to build an order.

They realized that this manual, Excel sheet-based approach was causing them to fall behind and searched for a new way to handle their inventory.

✓ The solution: Add EazyStock to their ERP

Design Ready Control sought to eliminate the manual calculations (that would only be good for a limited amount of time as the products moved through demand changes) that were keeping them behind and improve their part availability.

With EazyStock, Design Ready Controls updated their process to automate their demand forecasting calculations.

✓ The result: High service levels and automated processes

Switching to EazyStock has made life at Design Ready Controls easier. Instead of having to manually calculate reorder points and demand types, they now log into the system for recommendations and push approved orders through to their ERP.

Plus, with EazyStock, Design Ready Controls is no longer fighting to keep up with orders; instead they are able to focus on growing their business to expand to new customers.

According to Kevin Skau, COO at Design Ready Controls: “Having EazyStock’s value-add as part of our business has really given us more confidence, wind at our back, in terms of how we would address a new customer or a new product launch. We’ve always wanted to handle the supply chain for our customers, we’ve always done a pretty good job, but now it allows us to do a great job and do it with far more detail and specifics around how we’re going to accomplish the goals that our customers put in front of us.”