Blinkfyrar “on route” to hitting new highs with the help of EazyStock

We have embarked on a new strategic journey to increase sales, profitability and market share. An important piece of the puzzle is EazyStock. We see EazyStock as an important part of our purchasing strategy and hope to further reduce our inventory levels in future.
– Mattias Mäkelä, Strategic Buyer at Blinkfyrar

Blinkfyrar supplies road safety and traffic management equipment to private businesses and contractors as well as to the government and local councils. In order to ensure controlled expansion, it was necessary to improve their warehouse operations and streamline their procurement and order management processes.


✓ The challenge: To ensure controlled expansion and handle a growing number of products and suppliers

Previously our reordering was based on instinct and we didn’t really take actual demand or consumption into consideration. Although we spent several hours a week keeping track of suppliers and ensuring customers got their orders on time, we still felt we didn’t have enough control over these processes.

✓ The solution: EazyStock integration with Dynamics NAV

Blinkfyrar evaluated a number of tools before deciding to integrate EazyStock with Dynamics NAV in 2016. Orango, suppliers of business-related IT and partners to EazyStock, carried out a quick and smooth implementation.

✓ The result: Continued growth with a stable inventory value

Blinkfyrar have continued to grow and with the help of EazyStock have increased their sales, without increasing their inventory value. In addition, the business has benefitted from simplifying their order management processes.

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