EazyStock for NetSuite has launched

We can finally talk about it: EazyStock for NetSuite has officially launched.

It’s available on SuiteApp right now.

This is huge for us – and it’s huge for NetSuite users, too! NetSuite is the world’s number one cloud business management software suite, and we’re number one when it comes to inventory optimization.

How can inventory optimization help you?

Put simply, it helps you invest in the right stock using the data in your NetSuite ERP.

Inventory optimization is about having the right amount of inventory to meet customer demand without wasting money on unnecessary stock.

How can EazyStock for NetSuite help you?

We help you make smart inventory decisions. You stay in control – but we automate the tedious, manual work that makes your job harder. We minimize stockouts, improve stock availability and help you manage your suppliers.

Ultimately, our automatically generated purchase orders will save you time and money.

What are the key benefits?

We recommend a friendly chat with one of our customer team. This quick and easy conversation allows us to understand your business, the challenges you’re facing, and how we can help you.

You might find that you have the same top three concerns as our new customers, which are:

  • Having the right stock at the right time (issues with over-forecasting and under-forecasting)
  • Managing problems with suppliers and changing lead times
  • Whether software is good value for money and whether automating manual tasks is worthwhile

Once we understand your business, we’ll help you to understand EazyStock, including the four steps we follow to set you up to optimize your inventory:


This step is about getting you set up quickly and easily. Firstly, we use our purpose-built connector to integrate seamlessly with NetSuite.

You’re assigned a customer success manager (at no extra cost) who assesses your business needs and personalizes your training. This helps gets you going quickly and identifies how to get the most out of your inventory.


The next step is to ditch the guesswork and get you the accurate forecasting you need.

EazyStock’s suite of demand forecasting features is easy to use – and wickedly smart. You can prevent stockouts and invest in the right stock with accurate forecasts that account for seasonality, trends, promotions – and more.


Step three is to automatically sort your items into a highly granular 9×9 matrix. We use key metrics like demand patterns, sales usage, pick frequency, and demand volatility so you can identify your winners and losers.

Once you set your stock availability targets, you can let EazyStock maintain them by adjusting reorder parameters and generating optimized purchase orders to keep you ahead of your competitors.


Spend less time crunching numbers and guessing what stock you need with automatically generated purchase orders you can review, tweak and send to suppliers.

By speeding up your ordering process with optimized orders, you can save money and have complete confidence in every order you make.

Why choose EazyStock?

We’ve taken the time to hire experts from around the stock management world.

This means we can offer you best-in-class customer support with experts that are on hand to help you every step of the way.

Backed by software experts that drive innovation, our customer team will get you set up quickly and drive results for your business.

Book a demo to learn more about EazyStock’s functionality and how it can make your demand planning easier.