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Inventory Replenishment Software

Are you spending too much time figuring out what, when and how much to replenish? Don’t worry, with EazyStock you can manage your orders more easily.

EazyStock generates daily order proposals that automatically consider demand forecasts, inventory policies, safety stock, current stock levels, reserved stock, products on the way and back-orders. Put simply, the system makes sure that the right products are ordered in the right quantity at the right time.

Automated stock replenishment

Whether you want to approve every replenishment order, or simply manage by exception – no problem!  You can configure EazyStock to automatically approve orders when certain parameters are met, such as unit price, product group, etc. With this setup the system will only send notifications about order exceptions that need to be reviewed manually.

Alternatively, you can choose to review and approve all order proposals in EazyStock or in your ERP. With EazyStock’s order management functionality, you’ll be more proactive with your stock replenishment activities – saving time that can be used for strategic purchasing decisions and innovation.


Order fill-up

EazyStock’s order fill-up functionality helps you fill orders to maximise the capacity and cost-effectiveness of your logistics.

For example, you may have minimum order quantities to meet with a specific supplier, or want to ensure full containers for maximum cost-efficiency. No problem – EazyStock simply identifies the items that are most suitable to add to the order, helping you make informed and economical purchasing and logistics decisions.

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