HL Display simplifies purchasing and lowers inventory levels with EazyStock

Thanks to EazyStock we have reduced our inventory levels and simplified our processes. We’ve also been able to improve the efficiency of the purchasing team, freeing-up their time to focus on other projects and tasks.
– Stephane Carrivain, Logistics Manager at HL Display

HL Display, a global supplier of merchandising products and solutions, has reduced inventory levels and automated purchasing with the help of EazyStock.


✓ Challenge: Spending too many hours on administrative tasks

When HL Display reviewed their purchasing and inventory management processes, they realised they were spending far too many hours on manual tasks, such as checking and modifying inventory policies. Despite their best efforts, they also had high inventory levels and wanted to further improve their service levels.

✓ Solution: Automatically-updated stocking policies with EazyStock

HL Display were looking for a software solution that would easily connect with their ERP, Jeeves, and EazyStock seemed like the perfect fit.

“Our expectations of EazyStockwere high. We not only expected to decrease our inventory and increase our service levels, but we also hoped to reduce our time spent on administrative tasks”.

✓ Result: Lower inventory levels and more time to focus on strategic tasks

HL Display began to see their investment pay off around  six months after implementation.

“The implementation process went smoothly, and we were very happy with the professional support from our dedicated EazyStock Customer Success Manager”.

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