Use our Acumatica ready-made connector for enhanced inventory optimisation functionality

Two powerful cloud apps in one seamless experience.


Our ready-made connector to Acumatica links EazyStock with a simple click, allowing small and mid-sized businesses the ability to seamlessly optimise their inventory. Both Acumatica and EazyStock are cloud-based systems, offering super flexible, scalable and easy-to-use software that’s available from anywhere, regardless of device.

By plugging EazyStock into your Acumatica ERP, you’re able to automate your inventory forecasting, planning and replenishment processes. Ultimately you’ll improve the efficiency of your inventory management activity, saving both time and money, whilst reducing stock levels and preventing stock-outs.


With EazyStock users will no longer need to use spreadsheets to calculate reordering parameters. Instead EazyStock dynamically recalculates order quantities, reorder levels and safety stock on a daily basis, adjusting to demand forecasts, supplier lead times, current stock levels and your required service levels. That’s why EazyStock customers have better stock availability, higher productivity and better inventory performance than their competitors!

Key features

  • Reduce inventory levels and the risk of excess and obsolete stock
  • Increase service levels (product availability)
  • Automate replenishment activity and reordering processes
  • Improve demand forecasting accuracy
  • Prevent stock-outs
Acumatica-EazyStock Integration

Julia Montgomery, Partner Success Manager at EazyStock


“EazyStock’s connector makes it faster and easier for Acumatica users to optimise their inventory than ever before. It’s great to be a part of Acumatica’s ISV community and to be able to provide an add-on that enhances the ERP and gives true value and measurable results to companies.”

Christian Lindberg, Vice President of Partner Solutions

“We have a vibrant and innovative partner ecosystem built around Acumatica. Developing applications for Acumatica allows our partners to access our latest technologies and deliver true competitive advantage to their customers. We congratulate EazyStock with bringing their innovative app to the marketplace.”

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