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Kavo Parts Implements EazyStock to Optimize Inventory

Kavo Auto Parts, a global provider of high-quality Japanese and Korean auto parts, has chosen EazyStock as their inventory optimization solution.

Prior to working with EazyStock, Kavo Auto Parts struggled with balancing inventory levels and costs and also had difficulty managing their ever increasing supplier and supply chain variability. Inventory management was taking more and more time, and accurate and timely delivery became increasingly challenging.

Kavo Auto Parts sought a solution that would more accurately analyze the preferred suppliers and supplier lead times for purchasing to more effectively manage inventory levels on hand to off set unneccessary and costly over ordering. Additionally, they required a system that would more closely monitor safety stock levels at the SKU or item level to avoid costly back orders and stock outs while ensuring customer fill rates and satisfaction was high.

Kavo Auto Parts chose EazyStock for several reasons. “Our service level is crucial. We need the right amounts of stock, because many of our goods are delivered overseas,” said Herald Nijenhuis, purchasing director of Kavo Auto Parts. “EazyStock is an excellent solution for inventory optimization and procurement; implementation is progressing smoothly.”

Because EazyStock is completely web based, Kavo Parts has no need to make investments in IT infrastructure like they would with traditional software,” adds Mark-Jan Hennink, EazyStock consultant.

About Kavo Parts

KAVO has been a worldwide supplier of high-quality Japanese and Korean auto parts for more than 25 years. The customer base for ‘Kavo Parts’ includes the major Asian automotive parts distributors worldwide. Its extensive product range is now available in more than 40 countries. Learn more about Kavo Parts:

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