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Inventory KPIs and Alerts

To improve how you manage your inventory, you need access to the right data. By tracking and analyzing critical inventory KPIs, EazyStock gives you all the information you need to make informed decisions that will have the biggest impact on your inventory performance.

Whether it’s spotting potential problems with forecasting and replenishment before they happen, or setting and measuring long-term strategic goals, EazyStock’s dashboard and intuitive reports will direct you to the data that matters most.

Full Visibility of Inventory KPIs

Be in total control of your inventory. EazyStock’s KPI dashboard provides full visibility across your entire stock portfolio, including multiple locations when necessary.
The dashboard is fully customizable so your most critical data is available at a glance.
Armed with a wealth of inventory KPIs, you and your team will be empowered to make informed inventory management and purchasing decisions that optimize stock levels, improve availability and release cashflow.

Inventory KPI analysis

Drillable Data, Auditable Decisions

Drill down for the detail on each stock item, make changes and refresh the data as often as you like.

EazyStock keeps an audit of every decision made and every order recommendation generated, allowing total control and visibility of stock management processes and decisions.

Manage-by-Exception with Alerts

Time is precious. So EazyStock helps you focus day-to-day resources on inventory items that need the most attention. This could be items at risk of run out, forecasts with demand outliers, or SKUs showing signs of obsolescence. With regular alerts for items that need consideration and input, it’s easier to act before the risks become reality. Plus you’ll have more time to deal with suppliers, manage customers and look at the bigger picture.

Using inventory KPI alerts

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