Are You Shipping Air? Meet Minimum Order Requirement with Order Fill-up

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Are You Shipping Air? Meet Minimum Order Requirement with Order Fill-up


You know the challenge. You’re pulling together an order of item ‘A’ to a supplier and you realize that you are below the minimum requirement for order value, volume or weight for your supplier to fulfill that order. So what do you do? Maybe just throw a few extra of item ‘A’ in, order some of item ‘B’ to bump you up towards the minimum requirement and top off the rest of the order with item ‘C’ because the cost per unit is enough to push you to the minimum requirement (even though there is no forecasted demand for items ‘B’ and ‘C’).

On the plus side, you’ve managed to hit the minimum requirement and order the items you need from your supplier. But on the flip side, now you have additional products that you don’t need taking up space on your shelves and tying up your money in excess stock. Plus, when the next week rolls around, you realize that you need to go back to that supplier and order item ‘D’ to cover your upcoming demand… starting the process all over again.

It’s a common saga for purchasers and supply chain managers. This is where EazyStock’s order fill-up functionality comes in.

What is EazyStock’s Order Fill-up Functionality?

EazyStock’s order fill-up functionality is a feature that is unique to EazyStock that helps keep your excess stock under control while looking ahead. When you order from a supplier and realize that you need to hit the minimum order value, volume or weight for your order to be fulfilled, EazyStock will recommend the items from that supplier with upcoming demand to be ordered instead of random items selected from that supplier. This way, you’re prepared for future orders with stock that you know you will need.

Using the example above, this would mean that EazyStock would recommend item ‘D’ to be ordered in place of extra items ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’. That way you are not tying up capital in excess stock and you’re already set to start covering demand for item ‘D’.

How it Works in EazyStock

EazyStock is an automated inventory optimization tool that helps you have the right stock in the right location and amount at the right time. With this in mind, EazyStock is constantly analyzing all your SKUs and sorting them into one of nine different demand types. From there, the system will recommend purchase orders.

Once you have your initial order lines confirmed, you go to that supplier’s profile in EazyStock and click “order fill-up”.

EazyStock's Order Fill-up Feature page 1
From there, you’ll get a full list of the SKUs from that supplier along with the upcoming recommended orders. You can fill out the order value, order volume or order weight and EazyStock will mark which items should be ordered to fulfill that order value, volume or weight. Then hit order fill-up and, if you’re happy with the recommended orders, you simply click “create order lines” and send it off your order to your supplier.

EazyStock's Order fill-up functionality screen 2

The Benefits of EazyStock’s Order Fill-up Functionality

Many of EazyStock’s users are using the order fill-up functionality regularly. It’s common for there to be minimum requirements for order value, volume or weight that companies need to hit for their order to be fulfilled by suppliers. With the order fill-up functionality, EazyStock users save a lot of money by ordering items that they will need (either now or in the near future) and by not tying up capital in excess stock. Plus, by filling up an order with items with upcoming demand, you minimize the number of orders you need to place with your suppliers – saving even more money.

Your purchaser and supply chain managers will also be happy to not have to spend so much time combing through SKUs from suppliers, trying to determine the best SKUs to add to reach a minimum value or cube out a container. Fewer orders, increased inventory accuracy, less excess stock, more capital, less time wasted – how could you afford to ignore EazyStock’s order fill-up functionality?


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