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Julia Montgomery

Forklift Tractor Loading Package Boxes into Cargo Container at a warehouse

Reorder point planning – how to calculate reorder points

What is reorder point planning? Reordering point planning involves calculating when stock levels hit a point at which it’s the...

A close up of a man holding a laptop in a warehouse inventory management techniques

6 inventory control techniques for stock optimization

Inventory control techniques that use stock optimization best practices There are hundreds of inventory control blog posts on how to...

lines of binary data on a screen in different shades of blue and white

4 Benefits for Big Data Analytics in Supply Chain Management

Big data is a term used to describe a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data that’s too large to...

Aerial view of a cargo ship with freight shipping containers why ignoring automated inventory management is killing your supply chain

Automated Inventory Management: 5 Benefits Explained

You’ve heard about robots in the warehouse and self-driving trucks, but automation is taking over even more areas in the...

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