Manage your inventory like a pro.
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Eazystock helped GSAB
improve its inventory turnover by 20%

As soon as GSAB started using EazyStock, the benefits became evident. Customers experienced better stock availability, backorders were reduced and sales increased. At the same time, GSAB’s inventory level went down and manual work was eliminated.

With EazyStock, you’ll enjoy:

  • Less inventory in stock
  • More inventory availability and happier customers
  • Better sourcing for your stocked items
  • Increased automation and eliminated manual work

Make customers more satisfied
with better availability.

With EazyStock, you can manage your inventory better than ever. This means you’ll improve the availability of your products, reduce the number of backorders and keep your customers happy. By installing EazyStock, you’ will see your revenue grow faster.

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Reduce inventory costs and time wasted with manual planning

Improve availability of inventory and create more satisfied customers

See first hand the forecasting, planning and replenishment tool you’re missing

Right amount of stock
at the right time

EazyStock analyzes business data from your ERP and ensures you have the right stock in the right place at the right time. Our unique and market-leading demand forecasting and inventory planning technology makes sure your inventory is not too low… not too high – but just right! EazyStock dynamically works to help you release cash tied up in excess inventory while ensuring your stock is moving faster. In turn, your customers will be more satisfied as the products they want will always be in stock.

What is EazyStock What makes it unique?


Improve your sourcing

With EazyStock, your procurement processes will dramatically improve. By optimizing your purchasing process, you can replenish your stock more efficiently. And since it’s automated, you eliminate the need for any routine manual work. The result? Lower costs and higher profit margins.

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Trusted by companies world wide

“Our customer service levels improved by 12 percentage points
and inventory levels went down by 22%!!”

– Ergofast