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Seasonal demand forecasting

Seasonal items can wreak havoc with your inventory forecasting and replenishment. Without the best tools, it’s easy to find your key lines out-of-stock at the most critical times of year.

With EazyStock’s seasonal demand forecasting functionality, you can ensure you have the right items on your shelves to maximise sales opportunities, whilst preventing a build-up of excess stock when the season ends.

Seasonal demand profiles

Easily identify and manage items that are influenced by seasonal demand. EazyStock uses advanced pattern analysis to automatically detect items with seasonal demand – even low volume and slow-moving SKUs.


It then calculates and assigns a seasonal demand profile to each one, grouping together similar profiles for ease of management.


With this information feeding into replenishment calculations, EazyStock ensures your stock levels reflect demand – no matter how much it fluctuates throughout the year.

Reviewing seasonal demand

Review. Adjust. Repeat.

Demand patterns and seasonal variation can change at any time. EazyStock therefore continually checks every seasonal profile to ensure it’s an accurate reflection of an item’s current demand, and that it’s improving overall forecasting accuracy. When this is not the case, EazyStock can either alert users or make automatic adjustments to get things back on track.

Adding seasonality to new products

With EazyStock it’s even possible to add a seasonal profile to a new stock item with no demand history. Simply add the new item to a similar product group and EazyStock will apply the seasonal profile to the item, without it impacting the forecasting accuracy of the group.

Seasonal demand and new products

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