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Supplier Order Management

Securing a reliable and cost-effective supply of inventory is critical to achieving your fulfillment goals. Whether you have a global supply chain or a localized network, EazyStock has an array of tools to help you get the most out of your suppliers. From cost-effective ordering, to mitigating the risks of supply delays, you’ll find a better way with EazyStock.

Dynamic Lead Time Adjustment

When supplier lead times increase, so does your risk of stockouts and unhappy customers.


With EazyStock’s dynamic lead time feature, you’re alerted when lead times deviate from the norm. Reordering parameters are then automatically adjusted to ensure stock levels are adequate to cover upcoming demand.
With reordering calculations continually adjusting to changes in supplier lead times, you can help mitigate the impact of supply delays on order fulfillment.

Order Calendars

Maximize efficiency by configuring EazyStock to work with your ordering routines and goods-in schedules.

By creating simple order calendars, EazyStock will optimize order recommendations based on how often you want to place orders and when you want to receive them.

Supplier Selection

When ordering an item with multiply suppliers, how do you choose the best one? Speed, reliability and cost all need to be considered.

EazyStock lets you compare suppliers based on their lead times, unit prices and MOQs, recommending the one that can deliver in time to meet target service levels, in the most cost-effective way possible.

You can then decide which supplier can best deliver your order, based on the criteria that is most important.

Managing supplier selection

Supplier Calendars

Do your suppliers have annual shutdowns or busy periods when no orders can be placed?
Simply create a calendar for each supplier and add the shutdown dates e.g. Chinese New Year or planned turn-arounds, etc. Lead times, reorder points, order quantities and safety stock levels are then automatically adjusted, so enough stock is shipped before they close, to cover forecasted demand.

Price Breaks

Supplier discounts for placing large orders are often tempting to accept. But does the cost of carrying the surplus stock and the risk of not selling it outweigh the benefits?


EazyStock’s price break functionality helps you decide whether a large order at a lower price per unit will actually save you money, versus buying smaller quantities more frequently. By suggesting the most cost-effective purchasing strategy, you will reduce operational costs, as well as optimizing stock levels and investment.

Managing supplier price breaks

Order Fill-Up

Don’t let contractual order constraints inhibit smarter purchasing. When orders are short of their minimum order quantity (MOQ), value, volume, weight or container capacity, it can be unclear how best to ‘fill them up’.

By looking ahead to future forecast periods, EazyStock will suggest items with forthcoming demand, making the order as cost-effective as possible and preventing excess levels of unwanted stock.

Bill of Materials

Dealing with orders linked to a bill of materials can be a challenge, with different suppliers, lead times, costs and ordering constraints to consider.


EazyStock helps you manage items made up of several components by simply adjusting the inventory policies and replenishment parameters of each one to match the demand for the final product.

Bill of materials

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