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Multi-Location Inventory Management

When you’re managing stock across multiple warehouses, there are multiple opportunities for things to go wrong! EazyStock ensures you have optimal levels of the right stock in the right location, every time. With smart, multi-location functionality, it helps prevent stockouts, makes the best use of warehouse space and keeps overall inventory levels to a minimum.

One Single Inventory View

Get a synchronized view of your inventory levels and reordering requirements across every stock location. EazyStock can collect stock data from multiple business systems and offer one centralized, aggregated view of your stock levels and replenishment requirements.


This offers a new level of transparency and helps you make more informed inventory management and purchasing decisions.

How to manage multi-location inventory
Redistributing multi-location inventory

Multi-Location Inventory Redistribution

Make the best use of your inventory by re-allocating it (when needed) to meet local demand. When making order recommendations, EazyStock automatically identifies items that are in excess at one location – due to low demand – and suggests redistributing them to help fulfill orders elsewhere.

You can then use up excess inventory you already have in your business, prior to placing orders for new stock. Not only will inventory levels be lower across each site, but you’ll find you can use valuable warehouse space much more efficiently.

Multi-Location Forecasting

Creating forecasts for multiple stock locations can lead to over-inflated ordering and a build-up of inventory. Stop this happening with EazyStock’s flexible hub and spoke forecasting frameworks.

Either combine the demand from each spoke to create one central forecast, or produce separate forecasts for each spoke (taking into account local adjustments) and aggregate them together.

Multi-location inventory forecasting

Virtual inventory warehouses

Virtual Warehouses

Sometimes an item’s demand from a single warehouse is too low or sporadic to justify carrying it. But, if the item is ‘business critical’, or demand across the region as a whole is much higher, it becomes worthwhile to stock.

EazyStock’s virtual warehousing functionality allows users to aggregate demand across multiple stock locations by applying inventory pooling techniques. These locations then act together as a virtual warehouse, allowing demand across the region to be met, while keeping inventory levels as low as possible.

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