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SCM Turbomotive Automates Purchasing to Improve Stock Turn & Customer Service

Previously we were reviewing and classifying our inventory using an ABC analysis framework on a quarterly basis, now EazyStock automatically adjusts stocking policies in a much more sophisticated way – on a daily basis.

- Amy Johnson, Supply Chain Manager at SCM Turbomotive Download Case Study SCM Turbomotive

SCM Turbomotive, a leading supplier of new and re-manufactured turbochargers and DPF cleaning solutions, has reduced their levels of new stock items by 16% in the first 12 months of using EazyStock.


✓ The challenge: The Challenge: Improve purchasing processes and manage supplier lead times

SCM Turbomotive is committed to continuously improving their service and increasing the availability of their products for first time pick. With this in mind, the supply chain management team carried out a review of their inventory ordering processes and identified a need to increase their level of automation and to facilitate optimization of working capital.

✓ The solution: Introducing purchasing automation

SCM Turbomotive’s supply chain management team was sure that they could improve their processes by investing in stock optimization software. The management team quickly bought into the tool, as they could see the benefits it could bring, both internally and to their customers, in terms of improved stock availability.

✓ Smarter purchasing, improved stock turn and informed decision-making

EazyStock has transformed the way that SCM Turbo manages their stock. They now have a cloud-based system that can consider multiple variables to calculate demand, optimize stock levels and automate purchasing.

EazyStock’s dynamic lead time functionality has also given SCM Turbo the ability to monitor the lead time of every inventory item. The system now automatically updates reorder quantities and buffer stock to manage supplier uncertainty and help prevent stockouts.

In the last 12 months, SCM Turbo has reduced their levels of new stock items by 16%, seeing a positive impact on stock turns of these lower margin items. Re-manufactured stock has also been reduced by 21% in the same period.