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Vihamij chooses EazyStock to increase service levels

Chicago IL. – Vihamij BV, a Dutch Plumbing and HVAC Distributor, chooses EazyStock to optimize their retail locations and warehouses with the goal of ensuring a high level of service to all its customers.

Vihamij BV aims to be the most professional and reliable partner for industrial installations. Through its 39 stores throughout the Netherlands, it offers a wide range of quality products and services. Vihamij’s service offering includes distribution of products for the plumbing and heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling (HVAC) industry, specifically focusing on climate control systems, roofing supplies, electricity hardware, and plumbing and tools to for home and commercial installations.

To increase the service level to their customers, they have chosen to use EazyStock to optimize inventory management. EazyStock helps the business increase demand planning and inventory planning accuracy, while streamlining the business’ inventory procurement processes to ensure the highest level of product availability.

A key factor for Vihamij was EazyStock’s ability to optimize products throughout their expansive distribution network. Increased visibility in their supply chain allows the automatic transfer of products between inventory store houses and warehouses ensuring service levels are met at minimum cost to the distributor. Redistribution capabilities enable Vihamij to pass stock between different locations easily while reducing the businesses dependance on the supplier network to eliminate cost. Moreover, the business now has a 360 degree view of inventory levels across the entire distribution network.

By using EazyStock we can offer a wider product range to our customers and optimally meet their needs.

Vihamij was actively searching for a warehouse optimization system that would help them grow profitably. It was important to them that the system easily manage the assortment breadth, depth and complexity of their unique supply chain. Kees Brandsema, commercial director of Vihamij, said, “The customer calls and wants a tailored range of solutions and requires a high level of product availability. By using EazyStock we can offer a wider product range to our customers and optimally meet their needs.”

Vihamij has a central warehouse in Arnhem and 39 stores in the Netherlands. Moreover, they have an online store, so customers can easily place orders via their e-commerce platform.

Vihamij’s Logistics & IT Manager commented on the analysis and the choice of EazyStock, saying, “The initial analysis showed that there is room for improvement in our distribution chain. Through more efficient planning and procurement processes we are able to increase service levels and simultaneously reduce capital and inventory costs. Additionally, the solution has a strong reputation in Sweden, Germany, England and other global markets.”

EazyStock integrated with Vihamij’s Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Product data, purchasing and sales order information is exchanged easily between the two systems to enhance inventory optimization capabilities.

“We understand the challenges that companies like Vihamij face,” says Martin Plate, who is a distributor of EazyStock in the Netherlands and Belgium. “EazyStock gives Vihamij opportunity to work more efficiently, increase profitability and ensure product available which leads to more satisfied customers.”

About Vihamij BV:

Vihamij BV is a service-oriented wholesale company with 39 retail own stores and e-commerce distribution, which offer a wide product range of HVAC and plumbing supplies.

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