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Design Ready Controls (DRC) selects EazyStock for Inventory Optimization

Design Ready Controls, the leading supplier of control panels and wiring harnesses in North America, has chosen EazyStock software for its nationwide inventory management system.

Design Ready Controls designs and builds control panels and wiring harnesses for original equipment manufacturers in industries such as HVAC, water treatment and pumping, agriculture, and packaging. The company is known for advanced manufacturing technologies and a culture of continuous improvement. To remain competitive, Design Ready Controls always looks for opportunities to increase its efficiency—and chose EazyStock to integrate with its existing ERP.

“We needed to establish a routine for updating replenishment parameters,” said Kevin Skau, Chief Operating Officer, Design Ready Controls. “We apply lean manufacturing principles throughout our company, which includes implementing data-driven management tools. We believe EazyStock will help us create more accurate forecasts, avoid shortages, and prevent supply gaps that affect production.”

Julia Montgomery, Customer Success Manager, EazyStock, explains. “EazyStock is prepared to help companies like Design Ready Controls stay at the front of their industries. Our advanced forecasting will help ensure they have what they need when they need it. We’re excited to work with Design Ready Controls on optimizing their inventory management.”

About EazyStock:

EazyStock provides inventory optimization software that help wholesalers and distributors improve planning, purchasing, and process management. EazyStock helps companies optimize inventory for cost savings, service levels, forecasting, and replenishment.

About Design Ready Controls:

Known as the world’s most automated control panel manufacturer, Design Ready Controls combines state-of-the-art automation, lean practices, and a culture of continuous improvement. The company produces high-volume, high-variability control panels and wiring harnesses.

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