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EazyStock’s connector to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is live on AppSource

EazyStock, a leading ERP add-on for inventory management and replenishment, has recently launched its pre-built connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The tool is now available on Microsoft AppSource for instant download.

The connector seamlessly connects EazyStock to Dynamics 365 Business Central, helping businesses automate demand forecasting, inventory classification and replenishment. Ultimately it helps businesses improve stock availability (service levels) while lowering inventory levels and reducing capital investment.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive business management cloud solution and Microsoft’s newest ERP to the market. Like it’s predecessor Dynamics NAV, it’s easily connected with Microsoft’s other solutions from the 365 software suite to provide a fully integrated business system.

EazyStock, like Business Central, is a cloud-based solution. When connected to Business Central or NAV, EazyStock enhances the inventory management and procurement capabilities of your ERP. For inventory planners and purchasers, EazyStock minimizes the time spent forecasting demand, classifying stock items and updating reordering policies and planning parameters. The results are improved order fulfillment rates, fewer stock-outs, reduced excess and obsolete stock and the ability to manage supply chain disruptions including irregular supplier lead times.

“Business Central offers a basic inventory management module, but for companies looking to expand and maximize their profits, an inventory and procurement tool like EazyStock is invaluable for purchasers,” says Agneta Linde, Partner Strategy Manager at EazyStock.

“Adding EazyStock to Business Central gives users a powerful package for next-level inventory management. Users report higher service levels and lower inventory costs within a few weeks. They also save time, gain better insights and make better replenishment decisions.

“That’s why we’ve made it even easier for Business Central customers to add EazyStock. With our pre-built connector listed on AppSource, Business Central users are guaranteed a smooth and fast integration to EazyStock.”

To learn more about EazyStock’s connector to Business Central, view the listing on AppSource here: EazyStock’s Business Central connector on AppSource. You can also see the AppSource listing for EazyStock’s Purchasing & Inventory Optimization tool. Finally, discover how exactly you enhance your Business Central inventory management capabilities with EazyStock in our eGuide

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