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Inventory Replenishment Software

Are you spending too much time going through order lines to figure out what, when and how much to replenish? Don’t worry, with EazyStock you can manage your orders in a smarter way.

EazyStock generates optimized order proposals daily based on demand forecasts, inventory policies, safety stock, current stock levels, reserved stock, products on the way and backorders. Put simply, the system makes sure that the right product is ordered in the right quantity at the right time.

Automated replenishment

You can choose to have order proposals approved automatically if certain parameters are met such as unit price, product group, etc. With this setup, the system will only send notifications about orders that need to be reviewed manually. Alternatively, you can choose to review and approve all order proposals in EazyStock or in your ERP. With EazyStock’s order management you will be more proactive and save time that can be used for strategic purchasing decisions and innovation.


Order fill-up

The order fill-up functionality helps you fill orders to maximize the capacity of your transportation, for example to fill up a container.

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