Purchasing-replenishment Replenishment Execution

EazyStock’s automated Replenishment Execution generates optimized order proposals daily. The optimized order suggestions, including when and how much of each product needs to be purchased or manufactured, are forwarded to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system when approved by planners or purchasers.

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Ordering the right product at the right time

EazyStock Replenishment Execution simplifies generation of optimized replenishment proposals for stores, local warehouses and distribution centers based on demand forecasts, inventory policies, safety stock, current stock levels, reserved stock, products on the way and backorders. Put simply, the right product is ordered in the right quantity at the right time.

By configuring different sets of approval criteria, procurement approval is made quick and easy. Order lines can be approved automatically by the system if unit price is below a threshold or belongs to a certain product group, etc. The application will notify the end user of the remaining orders that need to be reviewed manually. With EazyStock’s Replenishment Execution optimization, you can proactively plan rather than react to unforeseen inventory problems. Administrative time is released for both planners and buyers who can thus focus on more value adding activities.

White Paper - Overcome 3 Common Inventory Replenishment Challenges


  • Achieve process integration and flawless execution to minimize stock-outs and excessive costs
  • Highly automated inventory ordering and purchasing process
  • Significantly reduce manual time and intervention
  • Accurate demand replenishment of one or more stock locations


  • Creates and synchronize optimized orders
  • Features optimizing replenishment execution capabilities
  • Automates replenishment of stores, local warehouses and distribution centers
  • Seamlessly integrate with any ERP system

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