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EazyStock – The Inventory Optimization Plug-in for ERPs

We know you don’t want to get caught up in long and costly integration projects, so we made EazyStock easy to connect to your ERP, regardless of which system you are using. Depending on your ERP we’ll have different options available to get you started right away.

Ready-made Integrations & Connectors

Our ready-made connectors and integrations make it quick and easy to plug EazyStock into your ERP, automating the transfer of data from one to the other without the need for manual intervention.

We are constantly building new connectors to the world’s leading cloud ERPs, so you can integrate to EazyStock with minimum hassle.

See which ERPs we already connect with below. Don’t see yours listed? Contact us – we’re always looking for new opportunities!

Our ready-made connectors

More coming soon…

Seamless Integration to ERPs

EazyStock is ERP-independent and our team is able to facilitate integrations with most business systems. With our custom integration capabilities, we can plug into a wide range of ERPs – here’s a quick selection.

Once a secure and simple data transfer is established, you’ll be up and running in no time. Our Customer Success Team will be with you every step of the way, ensuring you get the most from EazyStock – from day one.

Current ERP System Integrations

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Do you need to raise your service levels, decrease your inventory and get serious about your inventory management? EazyStock is built on Syncron’s powerful platform, and our dedicated R&D team is constantly investing in the latest technology to guarantee the best solution out there for our customers.

EazyStock is cloud based and integrates with any ERP quickly and easily. Schedule a demo with us to see more!


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