Blinkfyrar Selects EazyStock for Inventory Optimization

Stockholm, Sweden – Blinkfyrar selects EazyStock to drive inventory optimization for their supply chain.

Blinkfyrar, headquartered in Staffanstorp Sweden with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Sundsvall, is the market leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing traffic signs in Sweden.

Since 1960, Blinkfyrar has been leading the development in signposting and traffic safety solutions in Sweden and as a subcontractor to Swedish Transport Administration, Blinkfyrar takes an active part in the work to continuously improve the road system design.

EazyStock solves Blinkfyrar’s need for better and more secure information to support decisions and better management of the entire supply chain, purchasing and forecasting:

The reason why Blinkfyrar has chosen EazyStock is that we want to create a more secure foundation for decisions, a more reliable supply system, and ease the daily operation of the entire supply chain
– Mattias Mäkelä, Operations Manager, Blinkfyrar.
Today, there are limitations with regard to how we calculate accurate purchasing parameters and forecasts in our ERP system. By using EazyStock we can more easily get the parameter estimates to make smarter purchasing and forecasting decisions
– Marie Håkansson, Marketing Assistant and IT manager, Blinkfyrar.

About EazyStock:

EazyStock is an Inventory Optimization Solution for Wholesalers and Distributors that want to buy smarter, plan faster and service better. EazyStock helps equipment dealers and distributors around the world optimize their supply chains. Learn more:

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