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Centro Selects EazyStock for Optimized Inventory Management

Stockholm, Sweden – Centro Kakel och Klinker AB, founded in 1968 has chosen EazyStock for better inventory optimization. Centro, who provides the market with construction ceramics and bathroom products, is today one of the leading companies in its industry. The company has a turnover of approximately 270 million SEK and has approximately 80 employees in thirteen sales units in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, Norrtälje and Norrköping. The company takes pride in being innovative in its industry and is actively working to manage their heritage and tradition while developing themselves and their industry.

We chose EazyStock so that we, in a simple and practical way, can see and control our inventory levels based on forecasts and statistics. With EazyStock we hope to increase our level of service further to our customers by always having the right products in stock.
– Jimmy Akerman, Supply Chain Coordinator at Centro

EazyStock solves Centro’s needs to trim its inventory and purchasing and improve service levels through better forecasting.

We have been screening the market for tools to trim our inventory and purchase function so they better fit our needs to deliver the right material at the right time to our customers. We try, as many others, to be better in forecasting sales and thus act proactively with our suppliers to ensure the supply for a long time to come.
– Jimmy Akerman, Supply Chain Coordinator at Centro

About EazyStock

EazyStock is a Swedish company and a market leader in inventory optimization. For small- and medium-sized distributors in the wholesale and aftermarket industries, EazyStock is the obvious choice. Our cloud-based software offers companies advanced capabilities in forecasting, planning and replenishment.

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