Reduced Inventory Value

Inventory Optimization is the most effective way to eliminate excess inventory from your warehouses while reducing working capital tied up in stock.


Set your target

EazyStock’s cloud-based solution works to support your strategic aim of reducing inventory levels and inventory value across your entire supply chain. In EazyStock, you can set your target service level for each item and the software will automatically define the target with the lowest possible inventory value. The system then automatically will adjust to lower your inventory value and over time to drive down your working capital tied up in stock.

Alternatively, you can define your capital investment target for a certain classification of inventory and EazyStock will deliver you the highest possible service level for each stocked item in-line with the maximum value.

For single locations or multi-echelon networks

The inventory value approach can be used to optimize inventory costs throughout your supply chain, so whether you manage a single location or multiple warehouses, you can reduce working capital whilst maintaining high customer service.

Eliminating excess and obsolete inventory

Additionally, EazyStock’s advanced demand forecasting, replenishment planning and inventory optimization capabilities enable you to significantly reduce costs associated with emergency or expedited inventory orders, and eliminate obsolete stock write-offs.

Need help reducing inventory levels?

Wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers that extend their ERP-system with EazyStock typically achieve between 30-50% inventory reductions while maintaining their product availability s and planning productivity.

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Benefits of reducing inventory value

  • Increases inventory turnover
  • Frees up capital tied in stock
  • Fewer losses due to expired or discontinued merchandise

What makes EazyStock different?