Systems & Data Security

At EazyStock, we understand that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers’ information are vital to the success of their business operations. Our security platform uses a multi-layered approach to protect that key information.

The system is constantly monitoring and we are always improving and upgrading our application, systems, and processes to meet the growing demands and challenges of security.

Our service is collocated in dedicated spaces at top-tier data centers. These facilities provide support, including:

Access Control and Physical Security

  • 24-hour security, including foot patrols and perimeter inspections
  • Dedicated Data Center rooms according to security class II
  • Video surveillance throughout facility and perimeter
  • Building engineered for local seismic, storm, and flood risks
  • Tracking of asset removal

Environmental Controls

  • Humidity and temperature control
  • Redundant (N+1) cooling system


  • Underground utility power feed
  • Redundant (N+1) CPS/UPS systems
  • Redundant power distribution units (PDUs)
  • Redundant (N+1) diesel generators with on-site diesel fuel storage


  • Concrete vaults for fiber entry
  • Redundant internal networks
  • Multiple redundant fiber connection routes
  • High bandwidth capacity

Fire Detection and Suppression

  • VESDA (very early smoke detection apparatus), including arc flash protection
  • Fire extinguishing using Inergen, multi-zone

Secure Transmissions

  • Communication to and from Syncron is handled using protocols that enforce encryption, e.g. HTTPS, SFTP/FTPS or message queues
  • Ingress filtering is possible for web access and file transfers

Network Protection

  • Perimeter firewalls and edge routers block unused protocols
  • Internal firewalls segregate traffic between the logical layers of the services
  • A third-party service provider continuously scans the network externally and alerts changes in baseline configuration

Disaster Recovery

  • Data is transmitted across encrypted links
  • Disaster recovery tests verify our projected recovery times and the integrity of the customer data


  • Daily incremental backups, full backups once a week
  • Local backups are continuously copied to the secondary data center

Internal and Third-Party Testing and Assessments

  • Syncron tests all code for security vulnerabilities before release, and regularly scans our network and systems for vulnerabilities. Network and application vulnerability assessments are conducted regularly

Security Monitoring

  • Our information security department monitors notification from various sources and alerts from internal systems to identify and manage threats

At the end of the day, you can rest assured your data is safe and secure with EazyStock. For more questions regarding our systems and data security please contact us.