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Reduce inventory levels

Reducing inventory levels without harming stock availability can be a challenge. The answer lies in inventory optimisation.

Optimising your inventory levels will reduce excess stock and free-up working capital. At the same time, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you have enough of the right stock to meet demand, reducing your risk of run-out and improving your service levels.


Reduce your inventory and achieve higher service levels

EazyStock helps you lower stock levels while still improving and maintaining your product availability.

You decide your service level targets and EazyStock will determine how much of every item you need to achieve them. The system automatically identifies changes in demand patterns, trends and seasonality and can be adjusted for sales promotions, updating replenishment orders to accommodate. Safety stock levels, reorder points and reorder quantities are fully optimised, so that you can get excess inventory down to the bare minimum.

Multi-location planning

With multi-location and multi-echelon planning, EazyStock allows you to optimise your network and avoid excess inventory in each stock location. You’ll be able to better serve customers faster from all your warehouses, while freeing-up capital that can be invested in growth or other value-adding activities.

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