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Automate and Improve Inventory Efficiency

Automation is not the future anymore, it’s here now. Successful companies of all sizes and across all industries are already automating processes to improve their inventory efficiency and free-up time for strategy and innovation.

Automate for better inventory efficiency

EazyStock will automate your demand forecasting and replenishment processes. The system is parameter-driven and continuously strives to reach set target service levels with the lowest possible inventory value.


EazyStock recognises product lifecycles and demand patterns and uses the most accurate algorithms to calculate safety stock levels, reordering points and order quantities. As a result, automatic order proposals are generated which you can choose to process in EazyStock or send back to your ERP.

Inventory management by exception

Inventory ‘Management by Exception’ means that you don’t have to go through every single order. Instead you can focus your time on items that deviate from the norm. EazyStock automates your daily ‘to do’ list, alerting you when you need to take action. This way your focus can be right where it needs to be.

EazyStock typically automates 90-99% of your stock keeping units (SKUs) based on your defined inventory parameters and service level goals. So, there’s no excuse for staying in the ‘manual past’ when the ‘automated future’ is here.

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