Improve Service Levels

You want the right inventory available in the right place, at the right time and in the correct quantities in order to hit your target service levels across your supply chain.


Increased service levels with less stock

EazyStock makes it easy for you to achieve this and maximise profitability. You can increase and maintain customer service levels of up to 99% withlower inventory levels and capital invested in stock.

With multi-echelon inventory optimisation you have the ability to set and achieve strategic service level targets for any given stock location in your network, giving you optimal customer service levels network-wide.


Scaleable solutions to fit your business

EazyStock is delivered in three different editions to optimise inventory planning and procurement processes at both small and midsize wholesalers and discrete manufacturing companies.

So whether you have one or multiple stock locations, EazyStock can help you achieve your desired customer service levels with an efficient supply chain planning process to maximise your revenue and profitability.

Need help increasing service levels?

Wholesales distributors and manufacturers that extend their ERP system with EazyStock typically achieve 7-14 percentage point higher service level, while decreasing inventory levels with 10-25%.

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Benefits of increasing service levels

  • Increase sales and stay ahead of your competition
  • Minimise lost sales due to out-of-stock problems
  • Minimise down-time and improve first-time fix rate