Automate & Improve Efficiency

Inventory forecasting and procurement process automation significantly reduces the time and costs while improving inventory accuracy.

Automation for high process efficiency

EazyStock streamlines and automates the entire inventory forecasting and replenishment process. The system is parameter-driven and continuously strives to reach the set target service level with the lowest possible inventory value.

EazyStock automatically keeps track of product life cycles with it’s demand patterns, and optimises safety stock levels, re-ordering points and order quantities. As a result, it creates an automatic order process that not only saves time but also improves accuracy and results.

Inventory Management by Exception

Inventory ‘Management by Exception’ is faster, more accurate and less labor intensive than basic inventory tools or ERP modules.

This exception-based approach is commonly used by best-in-class manufacturing, distribution and aftermarket parts businesses to improve supply chain efficiency. EazyStock can automatically process from 90% up to 99% of your Stock Keeping Unites (SKUs) based on your defined inventory parameters, and alert users on a daily basis to all exceptional items that require manual review and confirmation.


Simplified procurement

Need help automating your inventory planning & replenishment?

Wholesalers and manufacturers that extend their ERP-system with EazyStock increase sales, improve on-shelf availability and decrease inventory value held in stock. Automation results in significant improved inventory and ordering efficiency, equivalent to 30-60% time saving.

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Benefits of process automation

  • Significant increase in ordering efficiency; time saved
  • Improved accuracy of demand forecasting and replenishment
  • Increased responsiveness to demand

What makes EazyStock different?