Why choose EazyStock?

EazyStock helps small and mid-sized businesses thrive in a continually evolving marketplace. Optimised inventory will make you more competitive with higher service levels, improve your finances with lower stock levels and be more efficient with automated processes.

Our stock optimisation software integrates with your ERP and is fast and easy to use. You’ll see a positive return on your investment within weeks of implementation. And our dedicated customer success team is always available to support and ensure your success.

Improve Service Levels


Make sure you always have the right product on the shelf so that you can deliver to your customers even faster.

Reduce Inventory Levels


Get rid of excess and obsolete stock, free up capital and minimise the risk of run-out.

Automate and Improve Efficiency


Ditch the manual work and save time that can be spent on strategy and innovation.


Our customers are all around the globe using different ERPs in a wide of range of industries. Everyday our stock optimisation software enhances their inventory management capabilities. Hear directly from them about how EazyStock has helped transform their organisations!

Our Customers