& EazyStock

Two powerful cloud apps in one seamless experience

With EazyStock’s connector for you can optimise your inventory with just a click! The integration is fast and easy to implement, making EazyStock a natural extension of your ERP. is built in the cloud, making it fast, scalable and always available, regardless of platform or device. Just like EazyStock, it’s a powerful tool with rich functionality, plus being very easy to use.

With EazyStock and, you can automate your inventory and purchasing processes, save money on lower inventory levels, while increasing the availability of your products.

Our customers emphasise is on features such as automatic and dynamic calculations of order quantities, order levels and safety stock based on historical transaction demand. That is why EazyStock’s customers have better service levels, higher productivity and better financial results than their competitors!

EazyStock gives you:

  • Advanced inventory optimisation
  • Raised service levels
  • Control of stock and lower capital tied up in stock
  • Automated purchase orders created directly in


“ is an ERP in the forefront and their customers know they need to be agile to stay ahead of competition while growing with efficiency and quality. The integration with EazyStock makes it possible to scale up fast and broaden product ranges while guaranteeing fast deliveries and still keep inventory levels down.”

– Agneta Linde, Head of Global Partners, EazyStock

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