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Maybe you need some pointers on purchase planning. Maybe you’re looking for how to best arrange your warehouse. Whatever you’re looking for, find a guide on it here!

Inventory Management Challenges

Inventory Management Challenges 1: Supply Chain Complexity

  Any organisation that holds stock is up against a multitude of inventory management challenges. We all know that marketplaces...Read more

ABC Classification in Inventory Management

How to Calculate ABC Classification (and the Added Value of XYZ Analysis)

In a recent blog post we looked at the importance of ABC analysis in inventory management and it’s benefits and...Read more

Improve Forecasting Accuracy: How to Manage Demand Outliers

Improve forecasting accuracy: How to manage demand outliers

Forecasting accuracy is the process of calculating the accuracy of your inventory demand forecasts, by comparing the original forecast with the...Read more

Calculating Forecast Accuracy & Forecast Error

How to calculate forecast accuracy and forecast error

In supply chain management it’s important to be able to measure the accuracy of your demand forecasts. Inaccurate demand forecasting...Read more

Manage Obsolete Stock in Your Inventory

How to Manage Obsolete Stock in Your Inventory

Obsolete Stock is a term that refers to inventory that has reached the end of its product lifecycle. In this...Read more

Top Inventory Replenishment Tactics

4 Inventory Replenishment Tactics That Increase Profits

Any business that carries inventory needs to avoid stockouts and back orders. Both can be very costly, resulting in short...Read more