Supplier order management

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Supplier order management

How do you account for varying supplier lead times when placing orders? How do you determine if it’s worth buying larger quantities at lower prices?

EazyStock will help you get the most out of your supplier orders.

Supplier calendars

EazyStock lets you create order review calendars and connect them to specific suppliers or items. The system then automatically takes these into account when creating order proposals, so you don’t have to worry about running out of stock due to lead times or time constraints. For example, if you only place orders from a certain supplier once a week, EazyStock will adapt the order quantities accordingly.

EazyStock-Supplier Management

Bill of materials

EazyStock’s demand explosion functionality helps you manage products consisting of several components from different suppliers, which might have different lead times, costs and ordering constraints.

It adjusts the order proposals and inventory control parameters of the various components to match the demand for the final products.

Price breaks

Discounts for larger order quantities are common and often tempting to accept. But have you considered the cost of holding the excess inventory, such as warehouse costs, insurance and the risk of not selling out?

EazyStock’s price break functionality helps you determine whether a large order at a lower ‘price per unit’ will actually save you money or if you’ll actually profit more from purchasing smaller quantities more frequently. Using future forecasts and inventory costs, you’ll be able to make informed decisions based on cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

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