Seasonal demand forecasting

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Seasonal demand forecasting

Do you have seasonal products that wreak havoc on your supply chain? Are you often out-of-stock on key lines during peak periods of demand?

EazyStock automatically detects and tracks recurring seasonal demand patterns and adjusts your forecasts and reorder points. The seasonality functionality uses advanced pattern analysis to automatically find and assign a seasonal demand profile to each item or SKU.

The result is that you receive accurate demand forecasts and optimised replenishment orders, allowing your stock availability to reflect demand – no matter how much it fluctuates throughout the year.


Improved seasonal demand forecasting accuracy

EazyStock automatically integrates seasonal demand profiles into its demand forecasting process for each item and location.

This allows you to make more accurate forecasts that consider seasonal and geographical demand variations for all types of items – even low volume and slow moving goods. The result? Increased sales, happier customers and more profitable margins.

Discuss your needs with our team and learn more about EazyStock’s automated seasonal demand forecasting functionality