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Sales promotion forecasting

Do marketing and sales campaigns mess up your forecasting and inventory planning? Don’t worry, EazyStock’s sales promotion management functionality is here to help.

Promotions are a great way to boost sales, but not having enough inventory to cover a surge in demand or having stock left over when a promotion ends can lead to diminishing returns. Effective sales promotion forecasting allows you to incorporate campaigns into your inventory management processes.

EazyStock helps you manage campaigns like a pro and makes sure that your stock availability stays high when you need it, without the risk of surpluses when demand drops off. The tool allows you to model your demand and refine your forecasts and replenishment parameters easily and accurately.

EazyStock-Promotion Management

New product introductions

Demand forecasting for new product introductions can be risky. The lack of historical sales data makes the demand hard to forecast, leading to inaccurate prognoses and under or over-stocking.

EazyStock makes managing new product introductions much easier, utilising a wide range of data and algorithms to provide more accurate forecasts and certainty.

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