Multi-location Planning

Multi-location planning, also known as multi-echelon planning, enables business owners with inventory planning and optimisation capabilities across multiple distribution centers and warehouse locations.

multi echelon supply chain

Manage all of your inventory across all locations

Supply chains consisting of more than one stock location can be a real headache when it comes to intelligently planning what to carry and where. Additionally, a supply chain might experience efficiency issues when the echelons are controlled by different parties and sometimes with different planning tools and technologies.

With traditional inventory management software, ERP’s or spreadsheet systems, each stock location is planned independently of others in your supply chain resulting in sub-optimal inventory levels leading to over stocking (excess or obsolete inventory) or under stocking situations (lost sales opportunities) on a monthly basis.

Without a centralised and unified system, inventory managers are limited in their ability to balance the inventory within your network. With EazyStock you can easily manage all of your inventory across all locations in one single platform.

Easily and accurately transfer inventory between warehouses

At EazyStock, we refer to the transfer of stocked items between warehouses as redistribution. EazyStock automatically suggests redistribution of excess inventory identified at one location to another location where there is a demand for the product. With redistribution, an organisation can avoid unnecessary purchasing and at the same time will save costs and minimise unneeded capital expense.

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Plan items with very low demand in a virtual warehouse

Virtual warehousing is the concept of grouping several physical warehouses together to act as one virtual warehouse. The purpose is to increase availability on items with very low demand that is valuable to have available in the network but can’t be justified by the demand towards a single location. Virtual warehousing reduces inventory levels, while demand can be met from the region as a whole.

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12 question inventory management self assessment eBook


  • Minimise supply chain costs while gaining higher service levels
  • Improve productivity of inventory planners
  • Free up working capital confined in excess inventory
  • Automatic redistribution sourcing options, draining the supply chain of excess stock
  • Gain complete supply chain visibility for one synchronised view of demand and supply

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