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Optimise your inventory with EazyStock for Visma.net

With EazyStock’s connector for Visma.net you can optimise your inventory with just a click! The integration is fast and easy to implement, making EazyStock a natural extension of your ERP.

Visma.net is built in the cloud, making it fast, scalable, and always available, regardless of platform or device. Just like EazyStock, it’s a powerful tool with rich functionality, plus it’s very easy to use.

With EazyStock and Visma.net you can automate your inventory and purchasing processes, save money with lower inventory levels and increase the availability of your products. Features such as dynamic order quantities, automatic safety stock calculations, and advanced demand forecasting helps EazyStock customers to better service levels, higher productivity, and improved efficiency!

Enhance Visma.net with advanced inventory optimisation

Visma.net is an excellent choice for stock-holding companies with strong ambitions to improve their supply chain optimisation and warehouse management. If you also want to take purchasing and inventory optimisation to the next level, EazyStock is the add-on to connect to your ERP.

EazyStock complements Visma.net with:

  • Advanced inventory optimisation
  • Improved service levels
  • Control of stock and less capital tied-up in stock
  • Automated purchase orders created directly in Visma.net

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Our philosophy is that ERPs and other IT-solutions should work seamlessly together so that the user can focus on tasks that really add value to their business. EazyStock is a system just like that – the user gets automated order recommendations based on advanced calculations of inventory parameters and supplier data.

– Daniel Fredholm, Application Consultant, Zedcom

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