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Optimise your inventory with EazyStock for Opera 3

Connecting EazyStock to Pegasus Opera 3 is quick and easy with our ready-made connector. Users then have the ability to automate demand forecasting, inventory planning and ordering processes that would previously have been carried out in spreadsheets.

Taking a daily data feed from Opera 3, EazyStock is able to dynamically update demand forecasts, classify inventory and adjust planning parameters, such as reordering quantities, reordering points and safety stock levels.

Ultimately inventory management teams become more efficient and able to make more informed planning and ordering decisions. Businesses are able to react faster to changes in market demand and supply chain disruption. And, with inventory levels optimised, it’s possible to free-up working capital and make impressive inventory savings.

Enhance Opera 3 with advanced inventory optimisation

Opera 3’s stock management application allows users to process purchase orders and get instant information on the status of every inventory item. If you’re looking to take inventory management to the next level, EazyStock is the add-on to connect.

EazyStock complements Opera 3 with:

  • Demand planning: automatically factoring in seasonality, trends and promotions
  • Inventory level optimisation: so you hold the right inventory to fulfil customer demand, without overstocking
  • Replenishment: automating order calculations and ordering activity for improved efficiency

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Connecting EazyStock to Opera 3 will bring huge benefits right across your business. From improving stock availability and preventing lost sales, to reducing investment in excess stock, there’s many gains to be had.

– Bruce Kidd, Sales and Marketing Director, o-a-sys

For more information, please email us or call: +44 121 312 2992.

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