Press Pack: EasyStock ready to show visitors how to achieve maximum product availability without holding excessive levels of stock

1 April 2019 by Tracey Baker

Press release:

EazyStock, leading inventory optimisation software providers, is exhibiting for the first time at eDelivery, stand C37 NEC 3-4 April.  The EazyStock team is on a mission to help ecommerce businesses understand how they can achieve maximum product availability, without tying up capital in excess stock.

Peter Drakeley, Head of Customer Success at EazyStock explains, “In the ecommerce marketplace it’s critical that sellers fulfil customer orders as fast as possible. Out-of-stock scenarios lead to lost sales.  To do this they need to ensure product availability in the warehouse.  But, at the same time, holding excessive amounts of stock ties-up important working capital that could be used elsewhere in the business”.

EazyStock inventory optimisationEazyStock will be helping ecommerce sellers understand how they can overcome this challenge.  The answer lies in inventory optimisation software – such as EazyStock.  ‘Inventory optimisation’ is a relatively new term for the ecommerce industry and can often be confused with basic inventory management processes.

Peter continues, “Whilst inventory management includes ordering, managing and tracking stock, inventory optimisation allows businesses to manage their inventory better, by balancing capital invested in stock and service level goals with customer demand and supplier variables”.

EazySock inventory optimisation software gives inventory management teams the tools to take inventory management processes to the next level.  With Eazystock businesses will have the right products, in the right place at the right time – as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Peter explains some of the software’s functionality,  “EazyStock takes demand forecasting beyond basic moving average calculations, producing forecasts that automatically consider a product’s historical demand type, demand trends, seasonality and promotions.

In addition, it will also automatically calculate optimum service levels, safety stock, re-order points and re-order quantities, whilst taking into account forecasted demand and supplier constraints, such as lead times, delivery schedules and cost.  The result is that ecommerce businesses always have product availability, without holding expensive excess stock”.

Whilst most ERP and WMS systems offer basic inventory management functionality, EazyStock can be easily be integrated with these systems to offer a more advanced inventory optimisation solution.  Despite utilising sophisticated algorithms to carry out complex statistical calculations, EazyStock is simple to use, and the EazyStock UK Customer Success Team is always on hand to support and advise.

EazyStock also offers multi-warehouse inventory planning, making it simple for sellers to hold the right quantities of stock in warehouses based on local customer demand patterns.

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EazyStock is the market-leading inventory optimisation tool that gives small and medium-sized businesses total control of their inventory, by increasing their service levels, reducing inventory costs and automating ordering processes.

The cloud-based software integrates seamlessly with ERP systems and delivers fast, measurable results. EazyStock is part of Syncron International AB, with headquarters in Stockholm and customers all over the world.

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