By Rydéns Reduces Manual Processes

EazyStock frees up time and facilitates reordering… the lower inventory cost is a major plus!

– Marie Martinsson, Purchaser, AB Rydéns

By Rydéns lampBy Rydéns, a Swedish company that sells lamps for both domestic and public uses, has reported better inventory management and vastly reduced manual processes since implementing EazyStock in October 2015.The company was struggling with control of their supply chain since they were manually calculating order amounts for each inventory item on a weekly basis. This labor-intensive work led to longer lead times and more human errors for the company, resulting in a stunted growth for By Rydéns.

By Rydéns desk lampSince implementing EazyStock, By Rydéns has reported a 67% decrease in the time needed to spend on calculating forecasts and reorder levels, leaving a significant amount of time open to pursue growth in new markets, starting with a new warehouse in China.

Take a look at the full customer case below, and see how you can put EazyStock to work for your business!

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