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Automation Hero, Februari 2019: Johan Andersson på Hinz

February 2019 Automation Hero: Johan Andersson of Hinz

2 min read

February 2019 Automation Hero: Johan Andersson Name: Johan Andersson Title: Sparepart Manager Company: Hinz Försäljnings AB Congratulations on the award Johan! Can you tell us a little about yourself and the work you do? Hinz is the exclusive reseller of PALFINGER lifting products for the Swedish market. I am responsible...Read more

Blockchain for supply chain

Does Blockchain have a place in supply chain management?

4 min read

Blockchain, or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), is a virtual electronic ledger. However, unlike other types of electronic ledger such as spreadsheets, there is only one copy. The single copy of the ledger is duplicated throughout a peer-to-peer (P2P) computer network where each computer “node” shares information without the need for...Read more

Logistics and Supply Chain Events in 2018

8 more UK logistics & supply chain events to…

4 min read

We’re through the first half of 2018, but your supply chain is not slowing down! Wondering what the leading logistics and supply chain events in the UK that will allow you to manage your current procurement challenges in the run-up to 2019?  The team at EazyStock have compiled a list...Read more

Why platform scales are essential for warehouses: top 10…

4 min read

This is a guest blog post by Marsden Weighing Group, UK purveyors of digital weighing scales, with insight on how platform scales are essential when it comes to optimising the supply chain for warehouses.  For safety, regulation, cost and operational purposes, weighing in warehouses is essential. A scale which weighs...Read more

Turn Inventory Management from Threat to Opportunity

Turn inventory management from threat to opportunity in the…

4 min read

The technological revolution in the automotive industry is mind-blowing: connected cars, automated supply chains and the change towards electric and hybrid vehicles are all happening at a rapid pace. In addition, the political climate is directly affecting the automotive industry: Brexit, border controls, customs and emission laws are all more...Read more

Impact of Brexit on Wholesale Distribution of UK

Impact of Brexit on wholesale distribution in the UK

5 min read

On June 23rd this year in what has become known as Brexit (from “British Exit”), the United Kingdom (UK) made the decision to leave the European Union (EU).  In a close race, the decision to leave the EU won with 51.9% of votes, while the other 48.1% voted to remain....Read more