Industrial Components Distributors

Improve strategic inventory management, increase customer satisfaction levels, and reduce costs with EazyStock.

Did you know that the 50 largest companies make up 30% of the revenue in the industrial components industry in the US? The competition is intensifying when large companies are leveraging economies of scale to improve service levels and gain market share.

Under these conditions, small- to mid-sized businesses need to step up their game and offer high service levels to keep up with the expectations of increasingly demanding customers on a broad range of products – all without tying up too much capital in inventory.

Growing Product Ranges

Industrial components distributors are typically challenged with constantly growing product ranges and a widespread product mix with variable demand and long product lifecycles. New products are often added to the portfolio, production facilities are spread out geographically, and complex distribution networks add to the challenge of delivering on time.

Optimize Your Inventory and Stay in the Forefront

EazyStock enbles you to take control over your inventory and increase service levels while avoiding excess stock in a fast and easy way.

The tool incorporates powerful forecasting, management of variable demand and seasonality, new product introductions, and product substitutions along with optimization of procurement and replenishment.

EazyStock is easy to use, fast to implement and gives you measurable results, which are proved to show on the bottom line. Keep your edge on the competition and offer the best customer service and lower your inventory risk with EazyStock.

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