Automotive Parts and Product Distributors

Take control over your inventory and stay agile in a rapidly changing industry

The automotive industry is undergoing significant change and uncertainty about the future is huge. The technological revolution is happening at a blistering pace; increasingly smart cars communicate directly with manufacturers and service providers, whilst new vehicles become more reliable and need less frequent repair. In addition, political decisions on everything from emission levels to Brexit affect the industry directly.

Challenges and Opportunities for Independent Resellers

Franchised dealers and OESs (Original Equipment Suppliers) generally benefit from having advanced technical and supply chain management support from their parent companies. But competition also comes from online retailers like Amazon and eBay, where independent resellers see an opportunity to meet the demand for fast, easy and cheap shopping of spare parts.

Under these circumstances, independent resellers need to shape up their businesses and make sure they have their inventory under control. It’s impossible to predict the future but streamlining inventory management processes puts you in a much better position to be agile and quickly respond to the market.

Optimize Your Inventory and Take Control

EazyStock enbles you to take control over your inventory and increase service levels while avoiding excess stock in a fast and easy way.

The tool incorporates powerful forecasting, management of variable demand and seasonality, new product introductions, and product substitutions along with automation of procurement and replenishment.

EazyStock is easy to use, fast to implement and gives you measurable results that are proved to directly impact your bottom line. Keep your edge on the competition, offer the best customer service, and lower your inventory risk with EazyStock.

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