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Seasonal demand forecasting by an Inventory Management Expert

Interview: Discussing seasonal demand forecasting with an inventory management expert

Seasonal demand forecasting can often be one of the most difficult areas of your inventory management processes to master. Annoyingly...Read more

Inventory Forecasting Models

How to select the right inventory forecasting models

Whether you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, inventory forecasting is a critical process for your business. Get it wrong and...Read more

Demand Forecasting Accuracy

8 factors to improve inventory demand forecasting accuracy

Demand forecasting plays a critical role in inventory management. If you can accurately predict the future demand of the products in...Read more

Improve Forecasting Accuracy: How to Manage Demand Outliers

Improve forecasting accuracy: How to manage demand outliers

Forecasting accuracy is the process of calculating the accuracy of your inventory demand forecasts, by comparing the original forecast with the...Read more

Calculating Forecast Accuracy & Forecast Error

How to calculate forecast accuracy and forecast error

In supply chain management it’s important to be able to measure the accuracy of your demand forecasts. Inaccurate demand forecasting...Read more

Manage Seasonality of Demand Forecasting

How to manage seasonality of demand to increase forecasting accuracy

Fact: not every product in your warehouse sells at the same pace throughout the year. Some will experience peaks and...Read more