Career Testimonials

Working with EazyStock has been a very interesting journey. The dynamic work environment, global cooperation of different people and the continued evolution and refinement of the product EazyStock tests each of us to new levels on a daily basis. I think the product also pushes our customers to be better and smarter about their own supply chain management processes. So, out of the all things different people could say about their work with EazyStock – “boring” is definitely not on that list.

Paweł Szymański,
Global Delivery Services, Poland

It is very exciting to be working at the forefront of a technology revolution. To work for an organization that is changing the way global supply chains operate is a once in a career opportunity. On a daily basis we are helping improve the health of supply chains across the globe from the biggest enterprises all the way down to the smallest companies. Not many people can say that about the work they do!

Dan-DowlingDaniel Dowling,
Head of Marketing, US

Working on the EazyStock team gives me the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues globally on a weekly basis. Together in a dynamic environment each and every one of us working with EazyStock has a big responsibility to ensure we help our customer’s grow their business while strengthening their overall operations and profitability. We work with a large number of different businesses and the challenges are always new and exciting.

Ida-DanielssonIda Danielsson,
Consultant, US

Within EazyStock I am able to enhance my marketing and business skills on a daily basis; delivering fast results by building up brand awareness, marketing and sales cycles in several emerging markets all from scratch. EazyStock taught me how to solve challenges combining my language skills, marketing and media know-how while working hand-in-hand with dynamic team across the world.

Daniel-FritschDaniel Fritsch,
Online Marketing Specialist, Germany