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Effects of Brexit on supply chain

Effects of Brexit in 2018 for wholesale distributors

6 min read

Truth be told, the UK does not have an easy time ahead in coming years. The decision on June 23, 2016 for the UK to leave the EU (colloquially termed “Brexit” for “British exit”) has taken center stage of UK politics. Since the vote, the UK has seen David Cameron...Read more

Cloud computing

Advantages of cloud computing for supply chain management

3 min read

Cloud computing, often referred to as ‘the Cloud’, is simply the process of running programmes and storing data over the internet, rather than using a local or personal server. The Cloud is not only taking over personal services, but also professional ones. Companies who offer cloud-based services typically charge a...Read more

Materials and Wholesale Distribution Billing

Bill of materials and wholesale distribution: how do they…

4 min read

A bill of materials, as known as BOM or Bill of Material, is similar to a recipe in that it contains a list of components required to build a certain product. It also details the process of building assemblies and sub-assemblies towards the completion of the product. Furthermore, it describes...Read more