The past, present and future of EazyStock: Chief Product Owner Daniel Martinsson shares his vision.

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Julia Hallin   23 February 2018

EazyStock Chief Product Owner Daniel Martinsson vision
Daniel Martinsson, Chief Product Owner and Head of EazyStock

Daniel Martinsson, Chief Product Owner and Head of EazyStock

Eazystock is a product in constant development. The product and customer success teams are collaborating closely to identify challenges for our users, spot new trends early, and make sure the product is ahead of the game – all to give our customers the competitive advantage they need to thrive in an ever-evolving market.

In 2018, EazyStock is entering a new era. We are finally ready to release a completely new version of EazyStock, designed to make powerful inventory optimisation easier than ever. At the head of the movement is Daniel Martinsson, Head of EazyStock and Chief Product Owner, and he’s here to discuss the past, present and – more importantly – the future of purchasing, inventory management and EazyStock.

What was the original idea behind EazyStock?
Daniel: Syncron, our mother company, has been developing systems for inventory optimisation for over two decades, and the big, multinational corporations who are their customers are now very advanced in their inventory management and procurement processes. But a few years ago, we started to see how smaller companies were increasingly feeling the pressure of more intense global competition, growing product ranges, and higher demand for faster deliveries. Their attempts to secure the high service levels their customers expected led to excess inventory which they simply couldn’t afford. These small- and medium-sized businesses were struggling and needed a simple and affordable solution to their problems. This is where EazyStock originated: we wanted to make Syncron’s powerful engine extremely easy to use and affordable so that small- and medium-sized companies would be able to optimise their inventory and create more efficient supply chains.

How has the idea of EazyStock developed over time?
Daniel: We made an early decision to separate the EazyStock team from Syncron’s developers, which allowed us to be more agile while still using Syncon’s powerful backend technology. Our users are different from those of Syncron so we needed a different approach on how to best understand and help our users. With our team’s better flexibility, we’re able to experiment and iterate while learning from our users; the most important lesson is that usability, speed, and easy implementation are extremely important to EazyStock clients. Inventory management is a complex topic and all the complexity under the hood needs to be easily available and understandable to anyone, not only supply chain experts.

What’s the vision of EazyStock? Where will the product be in 5 years?
Daniel: Today we have a pretty clear vision of what EazyStock should be:

  1. Extremely easy to implement and get started with. “One click EazyStock” is pretty much a reality today with the ERP connectors we are building. This is an echo-system we will keep building out, both in-house and together with partners, and in a couple of years you should be able to integrate EazyStock with a simple click independent on what ERP you are using.
  2. Great value, with transparent pricing and flexible payment models. Contracts can be signed online and there are no hidden fees or implementation costs: everything is very clear and easy to understand. In the future, you’ll be able to simply “swipe” your credit card online and get started.
  3. Engaging, easy to use, and reliable. EazyStock does the job, provides a simple overview at a glance, and clearly signals if something needs to be addressed. As a user, you will have full control without having to go through order lines and inventory levels every day. Just open up EazyStock and the tool will tell you where you need to pay attention. This is at the very core of our product strategy and our teams are researching and testing new ways to make this easier to the user every day.
  4. A part of the digitalisation process, future proof and automated. One of our big advantages is that we can leverage Syncron’s investments in R&D and therefore make sure that we have the most modern and advanced technology available, not only today but also tomorrow. It’s hard to know which software to invest in when there are so many options and things change so rapidly. However, as an EazyStock customer you can trust that we are always going to be in the forefront of development.

EazyStock service levels on tablet and mobile
You are releasing a new version of EazyStock this year, tell us more about that.
Daniel: Onto some exciting news! We have been working hard on a totally new EazyStock experience, and we are just in the process of releasing the first version. This product has a totally new interface, designed in close collaboration with our users and based on the latest UX design principles to be intuitive to users. Supply chain and inventory management software are generally pretty terrible in terms of usability; they are designed for engineers, very complex, and time consuming to set up and use. Today’s purchasing departments have different requirements and needs, which many suppliers haven’t yet realised. I’m really proud of our new tool and the response we have seen so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

When is this new version available on the market?
Daniel: We are rolling it out gradually over the year. Today EazyStock Premium is available in the new interface and every edition of our product should be updated before the end of this year. The great thing is that the backend is still the same so a user can choose whether they want to access their account in Classic or New EazyStock.

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